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Nilehi Class of 1962 50th Reunion

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Our 70th Birthday Reunion (in 2014) Committee was:
  • Co-Chairs - Barb Graff Dorfman , Betsy (Bettyann) Shulman Katz  and Linda Levine Wiesmeyer
  • Webmaster - Pat Fulkerson Larrabee in CT
  • Treasurer - Mike Kiss in IL
Our 50th Reunion (in 2012) Committee was:
  • Co-Chairs - Barb Graff Dorfman  and Peg McPherson McLean
  • Webmaster - Pat Fulkerson Larrabee in CT
  • Treasurer - Mike Kiss in IL
  • Venue Research - Barbara Graff Dorfman in IL , Carol Green Bloom in VA and Peg McPherson McLean in IL
  • Questionnaire - Carol Green Bloom in VA and Paul Thielmann in IA
  • Nametags - Peg McPherson McLean and Gretchen Anderson
  • Bookkeeping - Betsy (Bettyann) Shulman Katz in IL
  • Friday Tour of Niles West - Betsy Shulman Katz
  • Other Saturday Events - Peg McPherson McLean, Arlene Paul Rakowsky and Perry Rose
  • Saturday Eve Music - Paul Thielmann
  • Decorations - Gretchen Anderson, Peg McPherson McLean, Marlene Ruttenberg Greenberg, Stewart Leavitt
  • Invitations - Marlene Ruttenberg Greenberg, Gretchen Anderson and Joan Kraemer Sullivan
  • Printed Program - Gretchen Anderson and Peg McPherson McLean
  • Getting Sponsors - everyone
  • Photographs and Video - Howie Michael
  • Find Missing Classmates - Pat Fulkerson Larrabee, Judy Kipperman Harris, Marlene Ruttenberg Greenberg and David Block
  • Registration Table helpers - Andrea Hoffman Tursky, Merrily Ballou Jackson, Roz Steinberg, Barb Graff Dorfman, Kris Petersen Goyne, Linda Levine Wiesmeyer, Paul and Sue Thielmann, Mike Weintraub, Perry Rose, Kathy Faber Valentine and Pat Fulkerson Larrabee.
  • Helpers/Find Missing Classmates - Gerry Stocker Mink, Bob Repke, Marlene Ruttenberg Greenberg, Sherry Schwartz Simon, Lois Karch Conway, Tina Zenner Rotter, Sue Bourgerie Thelen, Nancy Hanelin Steinfink, Gayle Weigman Springer, Joan Kraemer Sullivan, Kathy Gabel Abraham, Ken Cohen, Merle Dorfman Cohen, Bobbie Kite Potsic, Peg McPherson McLean, Bob Bernat, Kristi Petersen Goyne, Joyce Greenberg Brodsky, Jerry Dulkin, Gretchen Anderson, Fran Barron Hoffer, Dave Hoglund, Kathy Faber Valentine, Toni Lyons Runtz, Sandra Rumack Greenblatt, Richard Ross, Michael Weintraub, Karen Heller Mason, Arlene Paul Rakowsky, Stew Leavitt, Perry Rose, Judy Kipperman Harris, James Roberts, Anita Doczekalski Mellens and Roslyn Steinberg.

    Everyone please contact your Nilehi friends and ask them to Sign In (http://www.nilehi62.com/signin.html) so we have their most recent contact info and comments about their past and present life (the best part!).
We look forward to hearing from you.