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Veterans in our Class
We are deeply endebted to our veteran classmates and wish to honor them here and at the reunion.

Robert Janet Anderson
13 years USNR
Stuart Argentar
Army 1962 - 1964. Honorably discharged in 1964 with the rank of spec 4. Was offered Officers Candidate Training, but turned it down in order to end my tour of duty.
Martin Babenderede
Aug 62 - 66 USA Navel Air; Boot Camp Great Lakes Navel Station; School in Memphis TN. Then shipped to Lemoore Navel air station Lemoore, CA and flown to the USS Constellation CVA 64 in Japan and on to the south china sea. Vietnam.
Michael Becker (died 2003)
Air Force
Thomas D. Beddia Sr.
Marine Corps
Robert Bernat
8 years in the Navy. I served at Naval communications facilities in Greece, Taiwan and the Aleutian Islands. Plus a year on a ship in Vietnam (USS Weiss, APD-135) that carried and supported SEAL teams in the '68-'69 time period.
Steve Bernsten
Air Force Major. Served 2 years
Paul Bishop
U.S. Army, Draftee, 1A-O classification, Spec 5, 1969-1971, stationed at Fort Myer, VA.
David Block
I served two years of active duty in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. I was a Journalist Third Class. It was not the most pleasant experience of my life. In fact, witnessing what the U.S. was doing in Vietnam had the effect of radicalizing me and prompted my involvement in Vietnam Veterans Against the War and other anti-war activities.
Lloyd Brown
US Army E-5, 2 years service
Raymond Brzny
USAF 1962 - 1966. Was in the air force security service as a high speed morse code operator sending and copying. Stationed in fun places Pakistan, Turkey, Philippines.
Bob Cims
Army Security Agency, fall of 1962 to fall of 1965. Rank was E4.
Richard Connolly (died 2018)
Army for a few years.
Frank Demith
I spent four years in the Army Security Agency. Occupational Speciality - classified. Security clearance - Top Secret- Krypto.
Jerry Dulkin
In Air Force. 1968 - 1973.
Ray Elvey
I served in the Army 1966 - 1968. After basic training at Fort Campbell I was stationed at Fort Knox in the Armor School. I worked in Army Television producing training programs. My rank was Specialist Fifth Class.
John Esbrook (died 1998)
Don A. Fabbro (died 1965, interred 10/23/1965, age 20-21)
Ken Fairman
Army, Sp4, 2yr, served in Vietnam 12/1968 - 12/1969
Tom Foss (died 2007)
Army Security Agency 1966 - 1968, the 82nd Airborne, Vietnam
Don Hanson
Marine Corps Sergeant, 1967 - 1969, Tet Offensive in Vietnam
Don Haroldson
Air Force 1964 - 1968
Daniel "Skip" Harvey
United States Navy, Captain (O-6), Retiring after 27 years 6 months and 26 days. Served as a Combat Pilot (300 missions flying the A-7 Corsair II), an Instructor Pilot in Advanced Jet Combat Tactics, a Operational Test Pilot for Navy Attack Aircraft and Air-to-Ground ordnance delivery, an Aeronautical Engineer for the Office of Naval Research, and Commanding Officer of several navy Aircraft Squadrons and ONR Units.
David Helmer (died 2007)
Richard Henriksen
Navy, DS1 (Data Systems Technician First Class), 6 years
John Raymond Janet
Greg Johnson Mercier
Navy. Graduated Great Lakes Training Center, was assigned to the USS Jenkins DD447 Destroyer based at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Took part in 3–6 months WestPac tours to Vietnam. Was 2nd Class Petty Officer in combat center. Conducted shore bombardment, up and down the coast and in DaNang harbor, supporting Army and Marine troop landings and other engagements against the VietCong. We ported for repairs, resupply and R&R, in Taiwan, Philippines and Hong Kong.
Dale Johnston
I completed flight training in the U.S.A.F. in Texas. After many military schools, I was posted to a special ops. squadron in the Ranch-Hand Agent Orange Project and commissioned in the South Vietnamese Air Force. We were active in the R.V.N., Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. Also did time as a FAC (forward air controller) in the O-2. Then went to heavy hauling and Med-Evac. in the C-141. Later went on the Nixon trip to China working for the W.H. Comm. staff and spooks.
Patrick Kamm
Active Duty Medical Corps 1967 - 1977
Alan Klinke
Army , E-4, 2 years, Vietnam vet
Philip R. Kohl
Navy reserve
Fred Krause (died 2007)
USAF, SSGT - Vietnam
George Kreegier (died 2017)
Air Force
David Kurti
USAF, Major, 1973 - 1975
Stew Leavitt (died 2016)
Lieut jg, USN, 1968 - 1970, and almost got recalled for the first Gulf War since I had stayed in the inactive reserves.
Alan Magit
Army reserves
Dennis McIntosh
Air Force
Jim Mikolay (died 2020)
Air Force
Lyle Mink
Captain, United States Marine Corps Reserve. February 1968 to April 1968: Officer Candidate School, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA. April 1968 to September 1968: The Basic School, Company L, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA. September 1968 to June 1977: Company F, 2nd Battalion, 23rd Marines, 4th Marine Division FMF, US Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach, CA.
Historical notes:
January 23, 1968: North Korea captured the USS Pueblo and its crew. In October 1968, our battalion commander volunteered us to go to North Korea. The orders were prepared but not signed by our commanding general. The crew was released two months later.
January 31, 1968: Tet offensive, South Vietnam. Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army launched a surprise, full-scale offensive on five major cities, including Saigon.
Alan Nachman
US Navy Seabees (base construction, roads, airfields, piers, buildings) 3rd class construction electrician. 6 years, 2 years active. 1963 - 1965
Bruce Nannen (died 2009)
Navy Medical Corps
James Nelson
2 yrs US Navy E4
Bill Nimmo
USAF 1964 - 1968
Jim Parchuta (died 2021)
Naval Academy
Neil Pollock
USAF Major 1975 - 1977
Mike Ricci
Air Force, 1963-64, Airman second class
Ron Roberts
Air Force, Captain, 1968-1972
Barry Robins
USAR 1964 - 1970
Sherwin Rosenbloom
Navy 1963 - 1967
Steven Rotfeld
USCG 1965 - 1968 PO 2nd class. Offered O candidate school at end of tour but turned it down.
Sanford Rugendorf
Specialist 4th class Army Reserve 327th MP Bn July 1963 - July 1971
Raymond Sakover
USNR active duty 1973-1975 Navy Regional Medical Center, Newport, Rhode Island. Rank: LCDR. positions: radiologist; radiation protection officer US naval base, Newport, Rhode Island; member, commanding officer's advisory committee. US Naval Reserve 1969-1975
Harvey Savitsky
1965 - 1967 US Army; SP5; Served in Thailand as Company Clerk and Fort Carson, CO -- Trained as Heavy Equipment operator Fort Leonard Wood, MO-- 1965. Basic Training, Fort Knox, KY
Jack Shabel
U. S. Coast Guard, 1962 - 1966
Martin Sheehan
USMC Sgt 1964-68 toured Vietnam in 1966 - 3d Battalion 1st Marine Division
Steven Shipka
Served in the US Army as Captain in the 3 dental corp stationed on Okinawa from Sept. 1969 - June 1972
Michael Stavy
I was a member (E-3) of the United States Army Reserve 308th Civil Affairs Group [308th CA GP], Chicago, IL. During my military time, the Group did area studies (economic studies) on how to set up a civil society in a country after US military operations were done. I was editor of the 308th CA GP newsletter (the Bugle) but was soon replaced by Gene Siskel (true), the then Tribune neighborhood reporter and soon to be world famous movie critic.
Bill Stender
Army – Sargeant, October 1964 - October 1967
Tom Townsend (died 2005)
Army, Vietnam
Hugh Treloar
Army, SP4, 2 years, 1968 - 1969
Bill Van Mersbergen (d.2017)
Army 1962 - 1968
Robert Wallace (died 1996)
Navy, six years aboard an atomic submarine during the Vietnam era
Jim Weiss
Army Signal Corps 1967 - 1970 with a year in Vietnam. Discharged as a Captain
Terry Wolf
Active duty 1965 - 1967 (Army) SGT-E5
Marianne Zalud (Marlo)
Navy, Nurse Corps, LT, 1969 - 1972. Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Charge Nurse in neurosurgery and neuropsychiatry.

Bob Bernat, 1968, Navy shore patrol, Subic Bay
Bob Bernat, 1968, Navy shore patrol, Subic Bay
1st Lieutenant Jim Weiss in 1968
1st Lieutenant Jim Weiss in 1968 as Officer-in-Charge and Company Commander of an Autodin Communications Center in Phu Lam, South Vietnam
Dale Johnston in 1968
Dale Johnston in 1968
Ray Elvey in the Army
Ray Elvey in the Army
Sandy Rugendorf in the reserves
Sandy Rugendorf in the reserves
Lyle Mink at Quantico, VA
Lyle Mink at Quantico, VA
Ken Fairman in Vietnam with monkeys
Ken Fairman in Vietnam  
Ken Fairman and boys in Vietnam
Ken Fairman and local boys in Vietnam

Skip Harvey piloting in Vietnam
Skip Harvey piloting in Vietnam 
Don Hanson in Marines
Don Hanson in Marines - Tet Offensive 1968

Raymond Brzny in USAF
Raymond Brzny in the USAF

Raymond Brzny dancing with Jill St John
Raymond Brzny dancing with Jill St John after USO show at Clark AFB
How Ray Brzny got to Dance with Jill St. John
(when asked about this photo)

We got off work in the morning after working 12 hrs and we went down to the field where they were setting up the stage. We were right in the front. After a few hours the people from the hospital told us to get out because they were bringing the wounded guys to get front row seats on the ground. We complained, but no go. As we were walking out I just got in back of a fellow in a wheel chair and then said I was with him and the other guys followed my lead and we went back to the place where we left – ha! Well you have seen USO shows on TV and they are wild in real life, with a cast of thousands and all guys. After a bit Jill came on and Bob Hope did his thing and as always asked if someone wanted to come up and dance. I was up there in a heart beat. It was fun and all the GIs were yelling and what ever. Next thing I knew Bob Hope was poking me in the ass with his golf club that he has with him all the time and tells me to save something for the other guys. I got a hug and kiss from Jill and a handshake from Bob. What a day and a lot of cheering going on. When you are there it is a lot more wild than what you’ve seen on TV. You have thousands of guys and a few really pretty girls.

Date of last update: 8/23/2022